Friday, March 14, 2008

the worst birthday

I curse the two thieves who stole my laptop!!! I curse them to hell!!! I wish they'd get hit by a car, get cancer, choke to death, go to hell, get raped, drown to death, and all the other possible causes of death would do just fine (besides committing suicide and natural causes, as that would be too easy for them). It happened on 11th of March, a day after my birthday. They came in wanting to take a look at the rooms for rent. Having seen the guy a day before, I opened the door to let them in. They stayed in the house compound for, I believe, less than 5 minutes. Yet 10 minutes after they left, I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the empty table, where I placed my laptop. My mind was totally blank when I answered the test paper questions. And after the test, I found out another bad news: my housemate, ChoyChing's laptop was also missing. Due to my stupidity and carelessness, two laptops are gone.We waited 2 hours in the Serdang Police Station to file a report. And when I checked my statement which was typed out by the policeman, I saw in the age column, 24 years 0 months. What an irony.

Lessons learnt:
1) Do not trust strangers.
2) Do not open the door to strangers, even if you have met the person before.
3) Ditch the thought that "The world is beautiful and people don't do bad things to each other." or "Bad things won't happen to me."
4) Grow up and stop being so naive.
5) It's never wrong to be too careful. Better safe than sorry.

To look at the bright side, I should be thankful that I had backed-up my final year design project report, two copies, one in each thumbdrive. And due to this misfortune, I had seen that many people care about me. There are a handful of people that I should thank:
1) Eric who lend me his laptop, indefinitely.
2) WeiJian who helped me format the pc, installing not only the basic microsoft offices, but also AutoCad, Visio, PPStream, plus songs, movies, pics, etc.
3) Lydia who helped me find part time job to cover my loss and expanses.
4) My roommate, ManYee who said:"Use my laptop. I've already written the password over there."
5) LingYue who is always ready to listen and help, unconditionally.
6) Julian and the Minlon people who expressed their concern and are willing to offer help whenever needed.
7) My family who offer financial aid and a possibility of a new laptop, but which I declined.