Friday, January 18, 2008

i'm NOT an alcoholic!

Getting drunk is a good feeling. I feel happier when I'm drunk. And alcohol is good! But the hangover, it sucks! And the memory of the things that you've done when you were drunk, it can haunt you for the rest of your life. For those of you who had never get drunk all your life, trust me on this: you don't wanna try. To convince you I will tell you about an extremely embarrassing night I recently had. We went clubbing in Ruums because it was Lydia's birthday. Having to break one of my new year resolutions, the least I could do was to vow and promise myself:
1) Not to smoke
2) Not to get drunk

I only managed to keep one of the promises. I guess I just don't know how to control the amount of alcohol I take and my speed of drinking. I started by feeling a bit dizzy, by the time we got back from the dance floor and got down from the stage (we danced onstage, can you believe it?), I was as drunk as can be. I managed to walk back to our table and sit myself on the chair without support, but after that when the alcohol started to take over me, I couldn't even sit straight. I needed the support of two guys, one arm on one shoulder, in order to walk out of the club without tripping. And all I did was laugh, apologize for being so much trouble, laugh, tell my friends that I like them, and laugh.

As if this is not embarrassing enough, I puked when we reached the place where we ate dim sum, right on the tar road. The feeling was so unbearable. And I was so lucky that my friends were there to take care of me. I was half-dead when I puked again out of ManYee's car window on our way back. So Choon had to stop his car and come down to check on me while ManYee handed me the tissue and water. As I saw KokChiang cleaning my puke from the car door, I felt that I've sinned terribly. What good have I done to deserve these people as friends? I puked again when I reached home and the next morning. The hangover and gastric are the end of my physical suffering from the sins that I've committed, but the mental guilt goes on.

The only things that I've benefit from this incident were:
1) I got to hug people.
2) I got to sleep on LingYue's shoulder.
3) LingYue said I look prettier (for some mysterious, unknown reason) when I was drunk.
4) I got to watch people like LingYue and Julian dance onstage. (Ha!)
5) I discovered the fact that LingYue and Julian dance like clubbing kaki when they're slightly drunk.
And number 4 and 5 satisfied me the most.